Commitment is doing what you said you would do, long after the state in which you said it is gone.  What differentiates a person who obtains above-average results from from those who dream yet never seem to achieve?  It's not ability, not necessarily resources, but commitment.  One could have all the resources and still sit stagnant in their "wishes" while another might lack the resources and find a way to make it work!  We all have dreams.  It's those little ideas we have at random times, when something happens, or nothing happens and we think "I should..." or "I could...".  those seconds can be mundane, or life-changing, only when we take ACTION.  So what is it that you have dreamed of? Does it scare you? It should! Often times what hold s us back is the fear of loss.  The fear of criticism, of failure.  And guess what? You probably WILL fail.  At least at first, but then...if you stay recklessly committed, eventually, there is no option but to succeed.

I've been wanting to write a book for years.  Why didn't I? Fear.  Lack of resources.  Lack of time, you name the excuse, I had it.  Then, I decided to commit, even if I was committing to fail.  At that point, it was not about success, it was about re-training my brain to follow my commands, to chase my dreams.  No time? MAKE TIME.  Mind blank? Sit your butt down and write.  You can always edit later.  Unsure of where funds will come?  Ask for help.  Sell some stuff.  Pick up overtime.  Do things ON PURPOSE.  You will be surprised at how things can come together when you just decide to commit.  I certainly did not take the easy route in creating the book- I'm pretty sure I can write another book solely on the ways I screwed up in trying to make this happen.  Boy, did I learn some lessons! But in the end, I persisted.  I sought out help shamelessly and relentlessly.

I got an email that my books are on their way to Phoenix. AAAHHHH!!!  How overwhelmingly exciting!!  I don't know what's going to happen.  I might end up with a new dining table made from "The Secret to Life" books... an endless supply of Christmas and birthday gifts for years to come...or...I might sell out and have to order more.  I don't know what will happen! But I know I have already succeeded.  Because I committed.  This stuff is addicting, folks! Who's gonna start living their life and commit with me?

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